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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Maze (Edward Burtynsky: Western Australia)


Silver Lake Operations # 1,
Lake Lefroy, Western Australia

Hovering above the area of interest, a sense of vertigo

Silver Lake Operations # 2,
Lake Lefroy, Western Australia

Nothing specific; a circular crater, a spill of something like blood; an unlimited blank horizon

Silver Lake Operations # 3,
Lake Lefroy, Western Australia

Seen from high above and far away the alluvial stain of the maze seems to trace the flow of a prior history for which the words have not been retained

Silver Lake Operations # 8,
Lake Lefroy, Western Australia, 2007

Yet as one moves closer certain small adjustments of perspective must be made

Silver Lake Operations # 15,
Lake Lefroy, Western Australia

To accommodate the vision of the mined surface stitched and scored like a surgical wound

Tailings # 1, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Photos from Australia by Edward Burtynsky, 2007 (via Edward Burtynsky Photographic Works)


ACravan said...

Sorry to say something so predictable, but this is visually unbelievable. The stitched and scored surgical wound description is heartbreakingly accurate. Curtis



"an unlimited blank horizon. . . ."

"a prior history for which the words have not been retained. . . ."


light coming into fog against invisible
ridge, sparrow disappearing from feeder
in foreground, sound of wave in channel

“forget” by which something
“escapes,” because of

it seems that, shared shape,
urge to strike upward

grey white of fog against top of ridge,
whiteness of egret landing on sandspit

TC said...

Thanks, Curtis and Steve,

In such spectacular vistas there is a real tension between sublimity (sheer scale) and terror (the implications of what we are seeing). A visceral sense of shock, and the ground seeming uncertain beneath one's feet.

Ed Baker said...

sure am glad we 'mericans don't rape our part of
Mother Earth like they do in there in Australia

.... and in China, and India, and Somalia, and South Africa,
and etc, etc, etc....

we got hard-and-fast laws and a terrific environmental protection (myriad of) agency to keep Mother & our food supply safe from Mass Destruction...

thank Zeus and Uma that we now got Clean Coal to eat when we are hungry

TC said...

Let's see, it's hard to keep all our noble environmental protectors sorted out... EPA, is that the Exterminate Planet Agency?

Ed Baker said...

no that EPA initial stands for

"let 'em eat poisoned ground turkey" because we can't feed all these people and have to exterminate 40 % of them some legal way a way that "we the people" called Government Oversight
ain't responsible...

Hell , might as well vote for Ross Perot and Boone Pickens at least they make sense....sort of

you know... the way things are going REALLY ISN'T FUNNY ...or FUN!

TC said...

"Tain't funny, McGee."

You can say that again, Edster.

Recent developments disheartening, discouraging, demoralizing, in the extreme.

An embarrassment before history.

A taste of ashes in the mouth.

Ed Baker said...

not too many people know Fibber McGee & Molly !

hanging their laundry on a line between tenement buildings in Brooklyn (or the Bronx.

block-by-block each block it s own community...

no one knows their neighbors now.... who's' on the street selling
needles and thread and sharpening the Reznikoff's scissors...

it was at the beginning named The Bronk's or Bronck's) River. this after he stole his piece of land from the Indians

things started this downward slide more quicker when that Ike/Nixon Military-Industrial Crap escalated
and we all finally went brain-dead sometime in the 80's
with that Trickle Down .... Fantasy !

oh well, at least we got Football back and the masses will have something to do.



Burtynsky's photos are again beautiful, seeing them again this morning -- so flat, 'abstract' looking, far away from what's actually going on way down there -- plunder of planet reduced to "mind surface stitched and scored". . . .


light coming into fog against invisible,
top of ridge, branches moving into wind
in foreground, wave sounding in channel

the fact of two terms taken
separately, the first

physical experience reduced
to such, there, other

grey white of fog against top of ridge,
cormorant flapping across toward point

TC said...

physical experience reduced
to such, there, other

It's all coming down.

Ed Baker said...

before this
we used to watch them on the radio

the tv "stuff" well, they made them appear a little bit "mainstream"
sort of rich Jewish Ozzie & Harriet


the Fibber McGee and Mollys that we knew

didn't live in a fancy house they lived in a Lower East Side Tenement Ghetto !

and where much like without the buffonery of The Honeymooners
and with lots of schmaltz, chicken soup, sour-cream and blintzas, potato latksases AND
(family and extended family Love...

just like today, eh?

got any radio broadcasts ? I still have my grandmother's ARVIN RADIO
it still works and I can still get England !

Ed Baker said...

here is some Fibber McGee and Molly

Ed Baker said...


My Aunt Ruth 100 % Brooklyn married a taxi-cab
NYC cabbie...


the radio show would open with:

"OH MOLLY ! MOLLY GOLDBERG !" and then Molly would lean out the window, say something and the (live studio) audience would burst into applause &

"off we went" with my Aunt Ruth's funny cousin on the radio !

I got tears in my eyes

TC said...


"Before this" there was... nothing.

(The movie version dates from 1941, same Fibber as the radio version... the later TV version subbed out the actors.)

Those radio shows were lifeblood, of a sort. The imagination filled in all the details.

On radio, Fibber's closet just kept dumping... and dumping... and dumping.

There was no debt ceiling in that closet.

Tales from the Inner Sanctum made my tender little whiteboy hairs stand on end.

Here are a couple of old radios.